Zand provides solutions allowing a high degree of personalization. This gives you the freedom to choose every detail to suit your unique taste and style.



Zand strives to deliver products of exceptionable quality because your vision deserves nothing less.



Zand is a proud Quebecois manufacturer. Our know-how and attention to details are reflected in the excellence of our work.

Your living space is the reflection of your individuality. Therefore, conceptualizing a piece is so much more than drawing a simple plan to build furniture. At Zand, we believe in injecting soul and passion into a design by creating craftsmanship meant for life.

When we design your kitchen, bathroom or furniture, we consider your lifestyle and your specific needs to define the context where it will be installed. It is primordial to contemplate every detail with utmost care to ensure it fits perfectly into your space. This is essential to create a unique piece which will harmonize with your life.

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